Wednesday, July 30, 2003

ahh, the day wraps to a close. today i got some actual real genuine work done! i'm starting to get into the groove of things. tomorrow should be more productive, by far.

we played poker tonight. as always, it ended in argument as lance attempted to offer me pointers on my game. pointers are good and well when i ask for them, but "when i ask for them" is key. uninvited pointers are an invitation for me to rip the other party to shreds. hindsight is 20/20, we all know that... but hindsight for any game that combines skill with any degree of chance is mostly useless. toss in "uninvited" and guess what? i hate you.

so, the night went kind of rough.

talked with lisa for a while on messenger today. apparently she was attacked by a mentally retarded person she was working with a while back... gave her nightmares for a week! how do you approach a situation like that... from this distance i'm doing all i can, which is pray. i hope that guy can find his peace, and i hope lisa will find hers as well... it's a crappy thing that has happened, for sure...

speaking of lisa, i miss her much. not just because she's very attractive (and i'm somehow drawn to very attractive women... oh wait, most guys are!), but because she's such a great friend. one of the coolest things about dts was getting to know all these people that actually wanted to know you, as well... and they're all sincere! i love and miss them all... guys and girls alike.

the time for bed draws near. i need to install tardis or the like on this computer to keep the system clock accurate... it's soooo far off.


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