Monday, July 28, 2003

blessed beyond the curse

life is good! my gas tank is almost empty, i have bills to pay, i'm years away from being where i want to be financially... but i'm right where i need to be spiritually.

when circumstance makes the divide between desires and reality more obvious, it is much easier for me to focus on what i have... and more specifically, what i can not lose. what is important becomes more evident, and ultimately, well, more important!

compassion/empathy vs. pity/sympathy. this is very clear to me right now. it has been difficult for me to truly grasp compassion, coming from a 'capitalist american' background. there are certain mindsets, certain concepts, that are just difficult for americans to understand. we are, generally speaking, very self-seeking/self-centric peoples, and the circumstance of others doesn't tend to affect us. i have been thinking a lot about society, and what would separate an advanced society from a devolved/backwards society. ultimatey, admirable characteristics must be the norm (generosity, politeness, tolerance, etc), and that 'norm' would ultimately be altruism.

as a Christian, altruism seems like it should be a solid building-block of who i am. we talk about the "body of Christ", servanthood, etc, etc... it is sad but true that in common Christianity there is not much at all that resembles altruism... in all actuality, most "Christian acts" are not unselfish one single bit in their motivation.

i cannot, as a Christian, be slow to adopt an attitude of caring and a lifestyle of sharing. and no, i didn't get that line from anyone.

Christ the King, and head of all things... make me a servant, as now i see the need. a steward, as i see the state of life fallen from grace. a disciple as i follow your ways. Christ the King, take your throne as king over me.


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