Sunday, July 27, 2003

i have just returned from practice with h. we tracked the bass lines for a couple of songs and ran through about 8 other songs for the upcoming mini-tour. it sounds like h is going to check into making the full tour instead of cutting the last 6 or 7 dates. he was able to book every single date (with our assistance, of course...) so it would very much be a shame if he can only make it to 4 of them.

we all take the good with the bad, it helps us to tell the difference. today i see up, and tomorrow i may see down again.

tomorrow i agreed to play bass at church. honestly, i would rather not play... but, i am commited to my church. not in that "i'll do anything they ask me to" sense, but in that "if it is beneficial to other people, yes" sense.

i have new ideas for music streaming in. i think i ride "highs" musically. it seems that every time i overcome an emotional hurdle, there's all this creativity on the other side. maybe this is why i was so musically prolific during dts? i *need* a small recorder w/mic. for the time being, my phone's "voice notes" feature will work... but in the long run, i'll need something i can just hit record on and play music into (instead of just humming).

tomorrow i would like to get my workstation set up so i can begin work here at the house. i need an income stream quickly! i think lance may be getting annoyed that i am not assisting him yet... as soon as i get that workstation set up, all those problems will go away!

i am daydreaming of india. the sights, the sounds, the smells. i miss you.


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