Tuesday, July 29, 2003

on the internet, nobody knows you're naked.

i just got done setting my workstation up. it's 4:41am. anyhow, tomorrow i can get some actual real genuine work done on this puppy, so i'm excited.

at the moment, i'm not feeling very tired... at 10am we're going to go to quiznos to cash in on that "free small sub with the purchase of a regular drink and chips" deal (yet again!). the employee that served us today (neil?) commented on how it was such a great deal and we should be eating there every day... and then, under his breath, "it's so expensive here..." alluding to the coupons being the only reason we were eating there. he's right! $2.44 for a full meal? now that's a steal!

we started burning copies of dvds today. drunken master, adaptation, and the message (the story of islam). the message is two-sided (approx. 3 hours long), so i need to find a way to squeeze that down to under 4.7gb. i can do it, i know i can!

more practice approaches this week... in the short term, here are my priorities:

1) work and make some freakin' rent!
2) get a hard case for my bass
3) build a bass amp

so, first and foremost... rent. gotta get in the swing of things here at the new place. must adjust quickly!

sleep, please be my friend...


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