Thursday, July 31, 2003

once again, the day draws near to a close. i just came to realize that my computer clock is well beyond 12 hours slow. how is this possible? it has lost over 12 hours in the last 3 days... i guess i'll just download something like tardis to keep it accurate.

had practice with "the band" today, things went very smooth. very. maybe two more practices until the tour begins, and i suspect that we'll have everything down solid.

skipped tardis and grabbed a utility called 'atomic clock sync' that was only like 480kb. it will only update once a day, but that's fine for me, as long as the time doesn't get way bonkers off.

russ got back to me, i'll try to call him on saturday. we're ditching out of the tour *just* before the stop in his town, which, as you may guess, totally sucks. oh well, i'll be going back to visit him on the 26th of august. at least then, i can stay a couple days and just... relax.

nate did a reeaaally rough demo track (just a guitar riff, basically) and h is asking for my input. it's a cool riff, really. and now, the creation process begins in me, and it tries to find a way to turn said riff into a song. this could take a while.

lance and i went to quiznos today to cash in on their deal again, and that neil employee was "off duty" and totally wasn't all like "yo dudes, what's up" when he saw us. i felt like a tool. a TOOL, i tell you. oh well, i think that was the last time we'll eat there anyhow... seeing as how tomorrow the "free sub" offer ends! bwahahaha! NOW WHO'S THE TOOL, NEIL?!?!

it is now 4:15am. i must sleep, so farewell it is.


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