Sunday, July 27, 2003

Thurs. Nov 29, 2001:
on a separate side the scene solidifies, seven cycles colored in child's crayon. child run away home and pay no mind, but we stay fascinated: the blueprint for the end of the world. step one complete. a demon stares, his brow spanning the sky, his grin following the curve of the earth as it closes in, walls bending, collapsing, as holes seal, souls escaping as hell reels. a head is reared to force the next step of a stillborn vision: making a god of God's creation.

Sun. July 27, 2003:
for a second time the scene solidifies: commercial killings for capitalist kings. if not to take the money, the easier to make it. and here, an endorsement from a bold bald politician with bad breath and bad jokes, and the butt of all jokes the butt of a gun. imps declare their invincibility through their inexplicable ability to control a menagerie of infidelity. gaping wounds in gaping mouths: "do you like russian roulette?" she asks, "my boyfriend is the best." that's nice, but between the butt of all jokes and the butt of his gun... i see no clear winner, and no merit to rank.

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