Friday, August 01, 2003

and yet another day draws to a close.

it's so dark in this room all day, unless i'm watching the clock close i don't know what time it is. so today, i slept in until something like 4pm. woke up, checked my voice mail and there were three messages from my parents. called my dad's cell, he and mom were still in GF, so i asked them to come over. they got here, i showed them the new place, then we went to village inn for a meal...

"the ultimate skillet", it was decently yummy. i could think of a few more ways to make it even more ultimate: more ham and eggs, less veggies. don't get me wrong, i love veggies, but that thing was caked with bell peppers and onions. CAKED. i ordered an "ultimate skillet", not a cake.

afterwards, we met up with my brother at branigans to watch a jazz ensemble, "jazz on tap". they were exceptionally tight, i applaud them for making enjoyable music. it's always nice to chill with my brother, but today i was a little on-edge, due to a funky dream last night.

~fade to dream~

i'm in some weird building that, for some reason, i remember as being "my highschool". my sister and i were dissatisfied with the arrangement of the buildings, so we pushed them around to fit our liking. after we had them all in place, i decided to hop back up the blocks along the gym walls to get to the exit at the top. halfway, i notice that the blocks/ledges are smaller than i remember them being, and don't think i can make it... so i turn around to go back down, relying upon the bars spanning the ceiling to keep my balance (i know i lost you, but try your best). i get back down, and end up in some grocery store where many of my family members and Christian friends are all shopping. everyone buys their food, and we sit down to eat in some kind of banquet room... and my dad says this prayer really loud, followed by other people saying prayers, in somewhat of an unspoken order. it gets to my brother's unspoken "turn", and he just says "i see how this is. you're all hoping this will help me turn 'Christian'. well screw that!" i remember feeling confused, totally and completely confused. i know he's not a Christian, and i don't have a clue how to minister to my brother... messed up dreams don't help, either. like, what the heck was up with the gymnasium? and the yelling coach (which i don't mention), my being afraid i'd get shot through the window (which i also didn't mention), and what the heck was so important that i wanted to go to that top exit?

dreams, dreams, dreams. sometimes they confuse me, other times they really just mess up my life.

oh yeah, today lance and i spent about two hours going through maybe seven or eight boxes of video cards... nearly 1,000 video cards total, just sorting them all out by brand/model. and now, to test and sell.

all of the tape decks are listed, i need to make the listings for the cd decks and some other audio equipment. a daunting task, but i'm getting much faster at it. it may be difficult to part with that nice technics cd deck... but better equipment exists! some day i will own my own nice cd deck. not today.

i just killed off a bunch of useless services on this computer, saving between 20 and 30mb of ram... should also take less time for the computer to boot, which is handy considering this is only a 233mhz pentium w/mmx. i'll have to time it and see how she does.

two weddings coming up... former roommate is getting married to a friend friday, and two friends of mine again on saturday. that is the fourth wedding this year, definitely a "year o' love". but you know what i always say when the woman talks to me about marriage... "how long until you aren't a figment of my imagination?"


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