Sunday, August 03, 2003

friday night i dreamt a lot. a loooooot. a small snipit for you:

i'm talking with my mom about marriage, and about how i don't think i want a traditional wedding. i tell her i want my wedding in the winter, and she says that i'd best make good friends with some people in norway (implying that they don't mind the snow and they'd gladly come to such a wedding). as we're walking, the ground we are traversing becomes covered in snow. we are walking along two sets of footprints, one was obviously a man's bare feet ('obvious' as in i just... well, just knew) and the other a woman's. soon, there is a third pair, a child's. then a fourth, maybe a teen's? then two sets of animal paw prints along with the whole lot. we reach a beach, and the snow gives way to very cold moist sand. there is a canoe tied to the short cliff face (of ten feet perhaps?). at first, i don't see the rope tethering the canoe to the cliff wall. i help my mom into the canoe, and attempt to push off into the freezing water. the rope pulls tight and the canoe bounces back. i fumble with the end tied to the cliff before i see that it is permanently fastened. the end tied to the canoe easily comes undone, and there is another rope inside the canoe for tieing the boat back up on the other side. i push off again, and the whole scene fades...

that wasn't the entire dream, just all i can remember at the moment. very surreal in the sense that i seriously feel like my common dreams are not. possibly the first time my mom has been in any of my dreams since... maybe since i was five and dreamt that monsters broke out of my intestines and attacked my parents while i lay helpless and dieing on my bed. if only they had listened to what i was saying, they would've run away from me and not died.

sounds very emo, i know. but it's not, and i really feel like i'm fading. time to let boring old phil take over.


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