Wednesday, August 13, 2003

i am an uncle (august 12th, actually... somewhere around 11:20pm cst). his name is johnathan. that is all i know.

h had deleted the files i needed, but we redigitized the tapes using a different (and possibly better, i'm still making that judgement) cassette tape deck. i'm really impressed with these transfers over the original transfers i did with a cheap portable cassette player and built-in sound on a laptop computer. h has *really* nice inputs on his computer, and coupled with the nice cassette tape deck... a mostly clean transfer with minimal noise (the exception being the tape noise, but that is unavoidable).

the tour starts this thursday. i think i'm as prepared as i can possibly be, i hope the other guys feel as good about this as i do. it's "crunch time", everyone is rushing right down to the wire.


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