Thursday, August 28, 2003

nobody should ever need to search their heart to know it.

today i worked for several hours, but not enough. never enough. i still need to make rent and pay my cell phone bill. tomorrow will be a hellacious workday, as will the next. saturday morning i can work a tad, but i'll need to head out for celldweller.

i had a genius plan today to put up signs at the university advertising as babysitters for women over the age of 18. dusty got a kick out of it. i'm starting to feel wrong for even joking about it, like some pang of conscience that is telling me i've allowed for even the slightest bit of american perversion to sink into the fabric of who i am. now is the time for adjustments that make me better, stronger, faster. always is the time.

i picked up some bioténe and bactine for my lip piercings (got them april 1st, they just get better get worse get better get worse) and i think it's helping. they don't hurt, that's for sure. they bleed sometimes, though. is that a bad thing?

i got messages today on yahoo messenger from two people i don't know, one of which is a guy in detroit lakes (not far from me). school must be in session again. time for all the college kiddies to search for new friends in their towns, right? it's kind of scary. i don't want some random 22 year old guy messaging me all like "yo dude, let's chill sometime!" the girl i think i can handle... regardless of looks, seriously. but some random guy? freaky. if the guy was friends with the girl and she introduced me to him, different matter.

my cell phone bill is due shortly... i hate bills, but the cell phone is a necessity since i am barely ever home. if it reaches a point where i'm barely leaving, i would consider paying the early termination fee... but i don't think it will reach that point. even if i go off to india, i will probably let my mom use the phone while i'm gone and she can maintain the bill.

i'm late on my CC payment, which is definitely not a good thing. i need to find out who the credit officer is in minnesota and north dakota to figure out what i can do about my messed up dispute with the CC company. it's bogus, and it needs to end.

flying trousers, anti-pants. you can't keep them down, and you can't leap to fit. your best bet... is some smuckers raspberry preserves. at least it tastes good.


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