Tuesday, August 26, 2003

okay, it has been a while but i have an excuse. i have been on tour. yes, that is what previous messages implied. i didn't have computer/internet access during said tour, so no updates occurred. simple enough.

tour is over, and i have figured a lot out.

1) i will not be continuing with this band

2) i will never tour with anyone who wants to bring their toddler son with us

3) rest stops make a great place to sleep, especially out in the open

4) rockstar energy drink is the coolest freakin' drink ever, and made just for rockstars like me

5) i'm going to miss a lot of people. until next time.

so, this thursday or friday i need to break it to h that i won't be continuing with these guys. i don't mind filling in on bass, but i won't be pouring any creative effort into this music. it's not my style, and i cannot have any part of it while maintaining any form of trueness to myself.

i have bills now. lots of them. i need to work work work work work.

28th - the violet burning
29th - sidewalk slam
30th - leave for iowa city
31st - celldweller

so much in so little time. also, de wet is going to stay here the night of the 11th, which will be really cool. i need to score an acoustic guitar before then...


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