Wednesday, August 06, 2003

using the new 'fast access' blogger interface. works nicely.

played poker tonight (it's becoming our tuesday night routine) and lost. all the odds are still getting hashed out by my brain. i played well initially, but kept alternating styles trying to get a better feel for how others play. won some big pots, lost some big pots... games with elements of chance are not really my lot, but math is. the truth is, i've got a better grasp on the math than anyone else at the table. more pride, too. can you tell?

but seriously, zero wrong in the math portion of my ACT.

wednesday there will be some playing of music at the church (don't know if i'll be playing bass or drums...) and i'll spend some time hanging out with my parents. it was *really* awkward being around them last weekend, i don't know what it was. hopefully things will be drastically different (read 'not awkward at all') this time around.

i am about to crash in a very serious sense, need sleep now.


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