Saturday, August 09, 2003

when i was younger, i chanced upon a peculiar book at the public library. it appeared to be geared towards a younger audience, but upon reading said book it was obvious that a more adult audience was intended. this book made me laugh in a way no other book has made me laugh since.

as i am sitting here, it comes back into my mind. so i do a google search. i come up with several links (mostly links to related pictures). i come up with links to amazon, where the book i read so many years ago is available USED for $50+ (paperback). WHAT?

insane, just insane. i will need to revisit the library and check that book out again... maybe even copy it, if i can't find a copy online.

looks like i might be able to get some related stuff on ebay for cheap. possibly.

dusty is home, guess i'll go chill for a while.


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