Monday, September 08, 2003

blitzkrieg bop is the theme of the dream.

in asia? what am i doing there? sparring with oversized weaponry... and then waiting in some sort of makeshift train station... and then deciding to "live life" and run through a maze of platforms (weaving between pens of various sorts for poulty and/or swine) in a race set to the ramones. the ramones? i don't even listen to that stuff in real life. only my subconscious could make this kind of stuff up.

so, you'll notice it has been a few days. my sleeping habits have become somewhat scary to me... i'm unable to roll myself out of bed until well into the afternoon, and even after i do it takes me several hours to truly wake. i am in dire need of a lamp and timer to plug into the socket by my bed. i figure if i can at least make this room bright in the morning, i can get up. eventually (after i've got my computer and such) i can make the equation more complex/complete.

i have started to decorate my room! i put up all 21 pages from my 'pretend family' project from 10th grade, as well as some band posters (no, really?!?!). things will not be anywhere close to feeling like 'home' until i build a loft and get situated in that manner. maybe if i can score a papa-san chair sometime soon, that would work nicely. i need somewhere to put my soapstone chess board... i'm thinking i might just leave room on my 'studio counter'. i should 'sink' some of the studio equipment into the table so i have a removeable surface i can store other stuff on. slowly, all the ideas are coming together. hopefully, the vision in my head will be complete somewhere around the time i can actually *afford* to set this up. yeah.

i dreamt about a prophet, as well. a special figure that God loved very much. very much, indeed. enough to keep them perpetually young. the prophet was sad, as the world around him did not care for 'things above'. God answered all of this man's prayers, and most of his prayers were for judgement to fall and for God to show himself to mankind. all of this narrated, it was very odd. and then, the scene unfolds to a post-apocalyptic world that has received the brunt of this man's prayers. people were afraid to even look in his direction, for fear that he may see some wrong in their hearts and pray God's wrath upon them. truly a strange (and scary) thought.

i need to register if i'm going to be taking german at the university... and register soon. i will talk to my mom tomorrow and find out what i need to know. maybe if i can even just meet up with a german speaking person who's willing to give me lessons... that would be cool, as well. we will see.

life without a car is horrible. i cannot go anywhere. if i had a bike, it would be half cool. but i do not have a bike. maybe tomorrow i will walk somewhere as a break to 'work'. i am looking forward to dewet visitting this week. he should be here on wednesday or thursday... i may wait to pick up the car until after he has been here. yeah, i think i'll just wait.

whether or not we live, a question we can ponder. does the news of our death affect those who never met us in the same manner that the news of our life does?


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