Tuesday, September 09, 2003

God bless America because we deserve it
God bless everyone because they've all earned it

i'm sicked by the tossing around of the phrase "God bless", utterly sickened. this is a phrase i used to use quite often, myself. it is most definitely *not* a conversation closer, and should never be used as such. it is a prayer, and all prayers should be weighed before spoken. there is no little weight to these words.

God may bless some Americans... but am i so brave as to ask him to bless every deceitful politician, every backstabbing criminal, every lieing/murdering/cheating/stealing soul in this country? no! am i so brave as to ask God to bless a person i barely even know? this is uncertain grounds to be walking upon. i have no inhibition to asking God to bless someone who aids the poor, or fulfills some position of ministry... but to ask Him to bless *everyone*?

granted, God can and will bless as He sees fit. He doesn't need my permission, doesn't need me to condone a single blessing... but i refuse to walk around proclaiming blessing upon every single living thing in this world.

just a rant, i do apologize.

but onward to the subject of submission to authority... if we are so brave as to teach moral government theory, how can we condone ousting a political leader in another country? the foundations of MGT declare that said leader is in power by God's will, so who are we to interfere with God's decision? MGT immediately crumbles, and it becomes clear that anyone who has the power to topple another power is evidently allowed to.

a Christian leader, a delicate position. a precarious political office. how can we show love, a hate towards all hate, to a world full of evil men and evil hearts? i agree with this statement: we can show our love for all mankind by disarming and encouraging all others to follow suit.


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