Saturday, September 27, 2003

had a good talk with russ about the german situation. he always puts things into perspective quite well, i'm very thankful for a friend like him.

i'll be going back to montana from october 11th-13th. it will be interesting... jason, anne, drea, nate, and enoch will be visitting. russ, lisa, trish, ryan, de wet, micah, mickey, anne desario, anna banana, etc, are already on base for either staff or as students in the various other schools. with any luck, i'll be able to bring a guitar out and jason and i can rock out.

in the last 5 days, living with lance has been rather smooth. i've been able to get a lot of work done, which is one great thing. he left earlier today (friday) for his brother's birthday, and won't be back until tomorrow. i think i might actually be missing his company, although it's always nice to have some time with BOTH of the other guys gone from this house.

no profound thoughts lately... i almost had one regarding abortion, but it turned out to be nothing. how's that for allusion?

a thought for all Christians... God tells Samuel after the people demand a king, "it's me they are rejecting, not you." so tell me, Christian brothers and sisters, knowing full well that choosing a 'king' is denying God, who should we vote for in 2004?


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