Thursday, September 18, 2003

i dislike the republican party.

i dislike the democratic party.

i dislike capitalism.

i feel all people should be treated equally. i believe i should help people, and it should not be unreasonable to expect help in return.

the problem is that most of america disagrees with my views, and express their love for capitalism. "this capitalist society has landed me in the middle class, and i enjoy the comfort". guess what? you're actually "lower-middle class", and the people above you have exploited the rest of the populace to theri advantage. you could only benefit from socialism/communism.

to rant even further, the odea of socialism and communism is the closest we can get to a biblically approved government. Christians everywhere should be scurrying to back CPUSA, not GWB or some bible-smashing candidate. but no, Christians the whole US over will do what their pastor preaches.

fine by me. you want to live in this lousy world?


sorry i haven't posted lately...

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