Thursday, September 11, 2003

just logged into blogger, and i can't help but notice that a bunch of new features are available. turns out that most of the features from blogger pro are now *free*, which is good for all. if you do not have a blog, start blogging already!

de wet will arrive tomorrow sometime around 6pm. i will remind him that he is the law, and we will have continuous fun for more than a few hours solid.

scott showed up and coughed up $85 he's owed for about a year. great fellow! i've been in a financial crisis lately (reference my transmission replacement), and this helps. greatly. i should be able to pay my cell phone bill now! but i've already blown almost $9 of it... on chinese food, no less. however, it was eating out with scott, so i will forgive myself. we had a rather good discussion about Christians in the workplace, and their obligation... and drawing a distinction between business and ministry, etc.

perhaps i am girl crazy. 22 and girl crazy. fell in love at 24.


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