Thursday, September 04, 2003

on my way back from celldweller my transmission went out. repair/replacement will cost anywhere between $1300-$2500. i ended up taking the bus home from minneapolis... i'll have to head back down to pick my car up in a couple days.

the guy i rode next to on the bus was very kind and let me use his spare headphones to listen to minidiscs with him... depeche mode, evanescence, and coldplay before i stopped and briefly passed out. he was on his way to tacoma, washington, and didn't seem to have a clue as to how far away that was from here. a nice guy, i bet he's still on the bus as i type.

at the bus station before i left minneapolis, a black guy asked me if i had just been to a rave. i've still got my cornerstone bracelet on, he just made an assumption... i told him no, and that the bracelet was for cornerstone, a music festival in illinois. he asked me if they have 420 circles there (i *think* he said circles) and i assured him they don't, as it is a Christian festival. then again, i've smelt the smoke there before, so i'm sure it happens...

before the car officially died, i noticed that it was running very 'high' (as in 'not changing gears') on the freeway (i only brought it up to 45mph before i decided to give up). i pulled off into a really ghetto-y neighborhood and called nick and jaime. they came back to the exit i was near and attempted to escort me through back roads to jaime's place. after a couple miles we hit a stop light. when it turned green, i eased onto the gas and the car just revved. didn't move an inch, just *vroooom*. we pushed it across the non-busy intersection and put on the emergency flashers. a lady came out of her house and let us use a phone book so we could call a tow place. my insurance covers towing to the 'nearest repair shop', so that was groovy.

when i pulled into minneapolis, i dropped chad off at the place he was staying and just stuck around to chat for a short while. nick and jaime left at the same time i did so they could show me the way back to the freeway. when i turned on my car it sounded a little different... when i tried to put it in gear, the noises it made scared me half to death. i put it back in park and shut it off... checked the fluids, i was low on coolant and oil. topped everything off, but the car was still making noises when i turned it back on. dan (the guy chad is renting from) came out and took a look at the car. he told me he thought everything should be fine since it doesn't make any noises when it's in gear (only makes noise in park or neutral). we headed out, but i made sure to take things extra easy on my car.

the whole trip home from iowa was pretty boring. chad and i jammed out to nyposse stuff from my 1990-1997 mp3 cd, but ended partway through 1994. i got sick of driving behind nick and jaime since their car doesn't have cruise... nick can't keep a steady pace, so i always had to shut my cruise control off to slow down. i ended up pulling ahead and got behind a pack of cars doing close to 90mph. that leg of the trip passed by rather smooth! nick caught up about 30 minutes later, but assured me he didn't pass 80mph the entire time. *right*

spending the night at the hotel was... different. my throat hurt very much, and if it wasn't dry and hurting, i would wake up drooling and uncomfortable. the shower there was space-age, which was cool. sharing a shower between 4 people *isn't* cool, but since it was a space-age shower i'll make an exception at least this once.

steak and shake... a pretty groovy place. hung out with all the message board people, as well as autumn's descent and celldweller. spent most of my time joking around with chad, jimmy, becca, and nick. i do say, jimmy and becca have got to be one of the coolest couples ever. after we ate, it was goodbyes all around since we probably wouldn't see anyone in the morning...

celldweller rocked my socks, as did autumn's descent. it was cool to see/hear ash cover circle of dust's "telltale crime", and apparently klay enjoyed it as well. when klay/celldweller took the stage, you could literally feel the anticipation form the fans. the show was more than what most of us have expected! it will be very nice if a dvd is released with show footage.

we showed up for the show at 6:45 (which is when it was scheduled to start, doors opening at 6pm) but things hadn't quite gotten underway. some of the 'board members' were there and we got to meet up with them. it's always cool to meet people you recognize from online. oh yeah, prior to entering the venue we realized we can park for free in metered parking spaces... iowa city isn't metered on sundays (for future reference).

we spent saturday night at jimmy & becca's house about an hour south of iowa city. autumn's descent stayed there, as well as a couple people we knew from the message boards chad and i frequent. jimmy let us listen to some very rare stuff he's got, and we all nerded out most of the night. nick, chad, and i kept aramus and puzzleshift up most of the night with our incessant babbling and joking. i guess they found it entertaining.

wow, what a trip.


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