Tuesday, October 21, 2003

got e-mail from mickey shortly after my last post. she was just as confused about what i was asking as i was confused leading to the asking. odd.

it was her birthday on sunday, i called around 8:30, but she was out for her birthday party. i called at 9:30 and got her, talked for about 5 minutes. just wanted to wish her a happy birthday and such.

Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht. my spelling is horrible, all in all i'm just disappointed with my current level of knowledge given the time i've had to study. i've missed 5 days of german class since i last went. time to get on the ball, i've got to force myself to go tomorrow... not that i dislike going, it's just been difficult for me to make it as of late.

speaking of difficulties, my back was giving me problems sunday night and monday. suck. i'm 22, i shouldn't have to worry about my back.

reflection contrition
we saw the state of ourselves
and we saw the state of approval
and the gap between
we saw the wings to fly on
but we could not see it all
and we could not see at all
ourselves blind
ourselves we bind
reflection contrition
through swelled eyes we will not see
this is not
this will not
this is not the means
flowing from me is flowing free
reflection contrition
with swelled eyes i cannot see
but to know there are eyes
looking down upon this
this is my need
to see without seeing
to see set free

good night.


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