Saturday, October 25, 2003

hoping for e-mail from mickey tonight.

tracy will be at church tomorrow, likely. as will her fiancé, russ. i'm drumming. i tuned the kit today, or rather tried. i think it's tuned.

josh seems to be angry at me. i can't figure out why, exactly.

this weekend is so far from over, it almost hurts. i wish time could pass much faster. much, much faster. i'm figuring i'll be working for another 7 months before i'm out of debt. of course, that number will decrease if i pick up extra work... but i'm worried about getting burnt out. i've finally sat down and figured out all my finances, that really sobers a guy up to reality. all in one fell swoop, i'm concerned about eliminating my debt, saving for dowry, AND figuring out whether i'll save to buy a house or have one built.

talked to darick alexander last night, he's at san antonio air force base or somesuch for training to be a fire fighter. he's been going through some rough times, but he sounds like he's pulling through in a really amazing way. it sounds retarded, but i'm really proud of him and glad to be his friend. we had a long conversation. a really long conversation. it was great stuff.

thinking about it, i would opt for more brokeness if it meant more growth. yeah, i'd trade clinging to my pride in for clinging to Christ.

i need more iced tea... and then, back to work for me. i began digitizing my parallel transcription of the gospels thursday. this will take a while, but probably not as long as writing out long-hand was taking.


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