Friday, October 03, 2003

it has been many moons, but i have an excuse. saturday evening, lance kicked me out of the house. yes, you heard me right. just handed me a letter (yes, a letter) saying he wanted me to move out. now.

so, i moved, and i've been busy as heck getting my bearings and landing on my feet. the work situation as far as work with lance goes will be iffy until i can get a feel for what the heck is actually going on. nobody (namely dusty) will talk about what's going on, even though they know it. i'm especially surprised that dusty won't, which leads me to believe that he knew what was coming. if this surprised him, he would definitely be talking with me about it. i joked about what i would do know regarding the biking situation, since we biked almost every night and i enjoyed that... he seemed more interested in letting the topic slide then joking it up with me.

admittedly, the whole situation confuses me. a letter? of all things, a letter telling me to move out. a letter. somehow, he avoided ever mentioning having a problem, and then resorts to a letter telling me to move out instead of addressing me directly to my face. who am i to question his authority, right? it's not like i can hold him to the fact that he promised never to do anything like that as a condition to my moving in. after all, that's only a 'verbal contract', something that only has worth to people that are friends, right?

i'm slightly bitter, because moving was such a pain in the butt inconvenience. and because this whole thing is really retarded. sigh, all will be clear within the coming weeks.

for now, i'm back on the couch at my parent's house. nick johnson has offered for me to move in with him, rent would be $180/month. maybe, just maybe... but maybe not, as well. that's an extra $180/month i can use to eliminate my debt, right? i'm anxious to get back into a financial standing that allows me plenty of freedom. i would like to get to work setting up my studio, i would like to focus on powerbox, and there are countless other things that really do require me to be out of debt before i can tackle them. (ie - i cannot tackle women until i am out of debt, right?)

we know what we do
we know why we've come to do it
we know who it hurts
but knowledge never serves, it steals


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