Sunday, October 05, 2003

sent out a prayer for our brothers and sisters in the Catholic church today, that the shortage of priests would end. all this just because i attended Catholic mass with dusty.

rocking out to dj shadow right now, i love this cd. i think it's been almost a year since i bought it...

after church, my mom and i drove off to itasca state park for lunch at douglas lodge (today was their last day open for the season) and got there just in time. we walked for a while, then i went back to the car to study german as she continued walking. when she got back, we were both surprised to find that the only other people parked in the parking lot were none other than gary and bonnie gilbertson, and jan jensen and a woman from kenya were with them. quite the coincidence!

bonnie showed us pictures (as always) of all their kids (my friends, of course). i guess dan is living in montana, so i got his number so i can call him up before i head out there this friday. sarah has become quite the good looking young lady. saw pictures of ben's wife for the first time, a nice "couple" shot with ben & nate plus wives. pretty groovy.

anyhow... i'm excited for friday. i wonder what time i'll get there? i'll be sure to get good sleep. my stomach was almost knotting up just because of mickey. i don't know what to think or expect. it's scary.


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