Saturday, November 29, 2003

it has been really difficult to keep up with this blogging bit since i was asked to move out... primarilly, it's just because i don't always have a computer sitting right next to my bed. also, it's because i just don't enough will to do anything as of late.

we went to the 'black friday' sale at best buy friday morning. it was pretty insane. our friend josh was in line at 3:15am (at the very front!) and we arrived around 3:45. it was cold beyond coldness. i don't think i will ever do that again.

all i bought for myself was the simpsons season 1 dvd ($11.99 plus tax), but i used gift cards to buy josh a radeon 9600 and johan the maxtor 120gb hdd. i think they both intend to resell them. should be some decent cash there.

i need to get the powerbox site ready. we've had the domain for too long, i really need to get the ball rolling.

mickey has not responded in a couple weeks. conversation is shallow. moving along seems likely. there was a cute girl with a white fuzzy hat at best buy, she kept looking at me. in a non-bad way.


Saturday, November 15, 2003

i'll have you know this: i can dance like no other. seriously. majorly seriously. serious like there's no tomorrow serious. maybe this is where my appreciation for dance comes from. or maybe i just like dance because think some dancers are very attractive. the world is full of uncertainties.

i recorded a song yesterday. it is very demo-y, but i still enjoy it (for once). this is the first time i've kept something around after recording it, which is a good start. i've shared it with a couple people, and they say they like it... i have my reservations, as i think most people are afraid to be brutally honest. however, i'm still running with it. i have stuff i want to add to this song... so piece by piece, it will become a masterpiece! oh wait... what are pieces made of? what is a masterpiece made of? particles? bits? well, whatever they are, those things will come together to form a larger thing, which will hopefully be quite splendid. and grand.

speaking of "grand" and "splendid", the phrase "fantastic sex" is rather hilarious. just say it. with an accent. "yes, i missed your phone call... i was too busy having FANTASTIC SEX!"

so i'm in love again, but the important part is who with. i'm in love with Christ, and yes i know it sounds stupid. that's not going to stop me. i just cannot deny that there is nothing more important than loving God and growing closer to him. now, i don't endorse pop-culture Christianity... i downright despise it. there are vital portions to Christian living that 'Christians' miss on a daily basis (caring for orphans, widows, homeless, etc... generally, SHOWING COMPASSION) in favor of living a 'happy life' or somesuch non-Biblical bogusness. so, i am in love with Christ, and it is compelling me.

there has been a gap in my learning of the German language... not a good thing. tomorrow is mostly a free day, i think i will take advantage of the time to do some major catch-up in my German (and probably e-mail mickey some questions as i go...)

that's about it, for now. still have much further to go, much more to do.


Thursday, November 13, 2003

do you love me with an enduring love
do you miss me as much as i miss you

i feel as if i'm missing some vital portion
the bit that makes me happy like the day we first met
that part that should carry me on wings like being carried in arms
but now i understand, i'm not missing anything at all
the sadness, the loneliness, all of these indications
i'm still waiting, and nothing has taken your place

rest now child
the night is drawing near
we have much further to go
and we have much more to do