Saturday, November 15, 2003

i'll have you know this: i can dance like no other. seriously. majorly seriously. serious like there's no tomorrow serious. maybe this is where my appreciation for dance comes from. or maybe i just like dance because think some dancers are very attractive. the world is full of uncertainties.

i recorded a song yesterday. it is very demo-y, but i still enjoy it (for once). this is the first time i've kept something around after recording it, which is a good start. i've shared it with a couple people, and they say they like it... i have my reservations, as i think most people are afraid to be brutally honest. however, i'm still running with it. i have stuff i want to add to this song... so piece by piece, it will become a masterpiece! oh wait... what are pieces made of? what is a masterpiece made of? particles? bits? well, whatever they are, those things will come together to form a larger thing, which will hopefully be quite splendid. and grand.

speaking of "grand" and "splendid", the phrase "fantastic sex" is rather hilarious. just say it. with an accent. "yes, i missed your phone call... i was too busy having FANTASTIC SEX!"

so i'm in love again, but the important part is who with. i'm in love with Christ, and yes i know it sounds stupid. that's not going to stop me. i just cannot deny that there is nothing more important than loving God and growing closer to him. now, i don't endorse pop-culture Christianity... i downright despise it. there are vital portions to Christian living that 'Christians' miss on a daily basis (caring for orphans, widows, homeless, etc... generally, SHOWING COMPASSION) in favor of living a 'happy life' or somesuch non-Biblical bogusness. so, i am in love with Christ, and it is compelling me.

there has been a gap in my learning of the German language... not a good thing. tomorrow is mostly a free day, i think i will take advantage of the time to do some major catch-up in my German (and probably e-mail mickey some questions as i go...)

that's about it, for now. still have much further to go, much more to do.


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