Wednesday, December 31, 2003

installing visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition right now. i'd be installing visual studio .net, but i just don't have it.

that story about how nick & jaime met john bliss just seems like further evidence that there is no such thing as coincidence.

i spent some time tonight at gary howlett's place teaching him a little bit o' stuff on the bass guitar. i hope he's really dedicated to learning, seriously... he spent his rent money on it! today i showed him the major scale and some practices that he can do to improve his dexterity and whatnot. that should be enough for a while.

tomorrow, or rather today as it is 3:18am, i need to make some calls and drive to grand forks. i seriously need to find a place to live before the year ends... that gives me one day, hooray!

i must force myself to sleep now.


Saturday, December 27, 2003

i need to work on different syncopations for singing & playing guitar. singing is easy with some strumming patterns, very difficult with others (and especially difficult with picking patterns).

i can hear a police siren right now. i think it's a safe bet that they aren't coming to get *me*, as the only thing i've done wrong is piracy. oh crap, did i just say that out loud?!?! i'm a dead man!

someone recommended that i check out "the postal service", so i looked... i couldn't find any mp3s through the usual sources, so i asked a guy i knew online and he hooked me up in a matter of minutes. it's really good stuff, check out the postal service - give up. very good album. i very well may buy it, it's just that good... otherwise i'll feel obligated to delete it.

where is the child?


Thursday, December 25, 2003

it's the 25th of december.

nick & jaime are coming up friday, and should be here until monday. that might prove to be pretty cool, as long as they don't argue a lot.

i've decided to just get the cheapest livable place i can get in grand forks. i figures:

1) i will only sleep there
2) i don't take up a lot of space, so space isn't an issue
3) i need all the spare cash i can muster
4) rainbows are just light refracting through moisture in the air
5) tuesdays are good days, but no days are better

if YOU can't stand up to the big guy at the mall, who will? WHO WILL? if he can do it, i'll push you in the mud, too.


(as in: "you sass that hoopy sin613? now there's a frood who really knows where his towel is!")

if you don't understand, i cannot help you.

Friday, December 19, 2003

waterdeep - you are so good to me

waterdeep leaves me with this... clean feeling.

right now, i'm in about $4,700 worth of debt... it really makes me feel like i'm sunk into the ground and can't get out. and then there's apartment hunting. nothing like knowing that moving into a new apartment will just slow down the rate at which you repay your debt. on the one hand, i wish i would have never had to sleep on the couch to begin with. on the other hand, i don't want to sleep anywhere that costs me money right now.

oh well. tomorrow i might visit two 8-plexes. rent is around $350-$370, not too shabby. heat/electrical will likely be another $50/month, which is no problem.

i found myself praying about my financial standing a couple nights ago, just frustrated about how long this is going to take and such... the next day, lance writes me a check for $4,000 so he can stay in a lower tax bracket. yes, i think the guy upstairs listens.

follow my eyes home
further further further i'm falling out
stars are staring down upon us
so now, for you i'll shine

tomorrow is friday. apart from possibly visitting those two 8-plexes, there really isn't much else to do. if i can get up early i'll record a little. the above lyric already has a musical home, which is the rads.

fixed a small mistake in the css for the powerbox site that was forcing serif fonts instead of sans-serif. it looks much better right now. MUCH better.


Sunday, December 14, 2003

regret attemps to set in. not this time, sorry. i refuse to regret it.

the powerbox site is soooo almost live. i can almost taste it. tomorrow i need to double-check the website to see if the trademarks are still available... it seems likely. we will see.

called mickey today just to get it all sorted out. seems to be sorted. seems she's cool with it.

so now what? waiting, i guess.


Saturday, December 13, 2003

delays delays delays. the powerbox site still isn't fully live. closer than before, though. just seems i can't find the time to get everything editted to my liking.

meine Träume frequentieren mich

had a funky dream involving people leaning on me and the holding of hands. soothing. but a pleasant dream only serves to remind me that life outside of said dream is inferior. oh, my dear dreams... how i miss you.

i've pitched a second song to the band, this one is mostly in 5/8 with a reaaaally spazzy bit in 4/4 with insane triplets. i'm loving it.

i finally got around to giving mozilla thunderbird the test (mozilla has been my default browser for a while, and i just loooove firebird) and i gotta say... it's got a ways to go. the UI isn't intuitive at all, not one single bit. however, the bayesian mail filtering didn't take long to train (at least, not with my volume of spam) and it looks like this thing is catching most of the spam i receive. nice.

oh mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

working on the powerbox website. should be ready to go live in a couple days.

getting borders to line up is a pain in the butt. css is rather nice, but i still see limitation problems... for instance, let's say i want a div to be 95% of the available width, aligned to the left. now let's say i want to put a div beneath it... and make sure the borders line up. i can't just say "okay, align this second div to the right, *minus* 5%" to get things to match up. hence, pain in the butt.

briefly talked with drea tonight. i've got a possible stint of depression, i need to find my way out of this fast. i'm attempting to be productive. mom is onto it, but i keep denying it. i just don't want to have a "feelings" conversation with either of my parents, if you catch my drift.

i'm finding myself up and down in my attitude towards lance. it's difficult. i'm super pissed about him kicking me out and everything else surrounding that situation, but then i'm cool with it. i'm poor at coping, maybe that's the root of the problem.