Saturday, December 13, 2003

delays delays delays. the powerbox site still isn't fully live. closer than before, though. just seems i can't find the time to get everything editted to my liking.

meine Träume frequentieren mich

had a funky dream involving people leaning on me and the holding of hands. soothing. but a pleasant dream only serves to remind me that life outside of said dream is inferior. oh, my dear dreams... how i miss you.

i've pitched a second song to the band, this one is mostly in 5/8 with a reaaaally spazzy bit in 4/4 with insane triplets. i'm loving it.

i finally got around to giving mozilla thunderbird the test (mozilla has been my default browser for a while, and i just loooove firebird) and i gotta say... it's got a ways to go. the UI isn't intuitive at all, not one single bit. however, the bayesian mail filtering didn't take long to train (at least, not with my volume of spam) and it looks like this thing is catching most of the spam i receive. nice.

oh mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!


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