Saturday, December 27, 2003

i need to work on different syncopations for singing & playing guitar. singing is easy with some strumming patterns, very difficult with others (and especially difficult with picking patterns).

i can hear a police siren right now. i think it's a safe bet that they aren't coming to get *me*, as the only thing i've done wrong is piracy. oh crap, did i just say that out loud?!?! i'm a dead man!

someone recommended that i check out "the postal service", so i looked... i couldn't find any mp3s through the usual sources, so i asked a guy i knew online and he hooked me up in a matter of minutes. it's really good stuff, check out the postal service - give up. very good album. i very well may buy it, it's just that good... otherwise i'll feel obligated to delete it.

where is the child?


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