Friday, December 19, 2003

waterdeep - you are so good to me

waterdeep leaves me with this... clean feeling.

right now, i'm in about $4,700 worth of debt... it really makes me feel like i'm sunk into the ground and can't get out. and then there's apartment hunting. nothing like knowing that moving into a new apartment will just slow down the rate at which you repay your debt. on the one hand, i wish i would have never had to sleep on the couch to begin with. on the other hand, i don't want to sleep anywhere that costs me money right now.

oh well. tomorrow i might visit two 8-plexes. rent is around $350-$370, not too shabby. heat/electrical will likely be another $50/month, which is no problem.

i found myself praying about my financial standing a couple nights ago, just frustrated about how long this is going to take and such... the next day, lance writes me a check for $4,000 so he can stay in a lower tax bracket. yes, i think the guy upstairs listens.

follow my eyes home
further further further i'm falling out
stars are staring down upon us
so now, for you i'll shine

tomorrow is friday. apart from possibly visitting those two 8-plexes, there really isn't much else to do. if i can get up early i'll record a little. the above lyric already has a musical home, which is the rads.

fixed a small mistake in the css for the powerbox site that was forcing serif fonts instead of sans-serif. it looks much better right now. MUCH better.


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