Wednesday, December 03, 2003

working on the powerbox website. should be ready to go live in a couple days.

getting borders to line up is a pain in the butt. css is rather nice, but i still see limitation problems... for instance, let's say i want a div to be 95% of the available width, aligned to the left. now let's say i want to put a div beneath it... and make sure the borders line up. i can't just say "okay, align this second div to the right, *minus* 5%" to get things to match up. hence, pain in the butt.

briefly talked with drea tonight. i've got a possible stint of depression, i need to find my way out of this fast. i'm attempting to be productive. mom is onto it, but i keep denying it. i just don't want to have a "feelings" conversation with either of my parents, if you catch my drift.

i'm finding myself up and down in my attitude towards lance. it's difficult. i'm super pissed about him kicking me out and everything else surrounding that situation, but then i'm cool with it. i'm poor at coping, maybe that's the root of the problem.


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