Thursday, January 22, 2004

ate mexican today, had a couple tamales. good stuff. don't know why i bother mentioning it, seeing as how i eat mexican food at least once a week. now there's something worth mentioning.

when thursday draws to a close, it will be time to leave for montana. i am so pumped. my body is almost completely healed from my snowboarding excursion last saturday, and i will be totally ready to repeat the pain this coming saturday. i checked the weather for the weekend, looks to be very pleasant.

it is likely that we'll go to watch the butterfly effect when we arrive on friday. that movie looks pretty nice.

i made 8 phat dollars today. well, i made more than that, but that's all i made doing 'normal' work. i'm so living on the edge. i need to work more. really.

it is likely that bush will be re-elected. i'd say something completely unclever about disliking bush, but the truth is i don't care. all this government crap can take itself as serious as it wants, but it's too bad they'll all just die and burn in hell in the end. poor people. was it worth it?

i hear the state of the union address was a doozy. remember, a house divided will not stand.


Monday, January 19, 2004


i went snowboarding saturday for the first time ever, and all i can say is... OW. okay, maybe i can say a couple more words than that. basically, i am hurting. and next saturday, i'll be hurting after snowboarding down a mountain instead of a hill! joy!

i have somewhat begun the move to my new apartment. unke let me borrow a king-sized air mattress, which should be rather nice. i have decided to color-coordinate my bathroom using a lot of dark greens. my shower curtain is dark green, i'll get dark green towels and washcloths from jc penneys with a gift certificate i got for christmas, get some toilet covers, floor mat, maybe a potted plant or two... i want that place to look like a jungle. a menacing jungle... a MAN-EATING jungle, which will be frightening enough to keep the likes of jarrod from trying to "go logging" and stink my whole apartment complex up with his second-hand-ass.

spending must cease. i have spent so much more money than i have made in the last week. snow gear (new coat, smartwool socks, burton mittens, wicking undergarments, lift pass, snowboard rental, etc), apartment stuff, car repair, taxes... i need to make a lot of phat cash this week, or i'm screwed!

i got a data cable for my cell phone, but the computer crashes every time i try to use the application to interface with it. it's ticking me off. oh well, data cable + car charger for $8 is a sweet deal, so i don't care. it's a tough cable, so if it just won't work with the computer i can just use it to strangle someone.

there is a celldweller concert in waterloo, iowa on february 14th. just thought i'd toss that one out there.

bass lessons with gary are going smooth, for the most part. he's a fast learner, so it seems. today i showed him a minor scale and reviewed a couple things regarding counting time and understanding time signatures. yeah, coming along smooth.

just realized i smell like cigarette smoke, and it's horrible. night.


Thursday, January 08, 2004

signed a lease today, i should be moved in within the week. i don't know how long it will be until i feel at home, though. i need to go buy a bed of some kind... and it has to be a queen or california queen to fit my maximum tallness. spendy.

i'm thinking i'll get beanbag chairs, as well. yeah, beanbag chairs.

josh said i should get a futon, but the cost of a queen-sized futon is the same as the cost of a queen-sized mattress, so i just don't know... if i had a futon sitting around, what would i do with it once i build my mega-awesome loft? you heard me right, mega-awesome.

i finished up the dts address list and e-mailed everyone to ask for corrections. yesterday i got nine responses, fixed up quite a bit. that's still less than 1/4 of my dts, so i'm expecting more. they'd best respond, or else! or else i'll do something, probably!

i brought my car in for an oil change and such today, they told me one of my torsion bars is broken. i have no clue what that means. i think i should get violently upset when people say things i don't understand:

them: "you're rear torsion bar is broken"
them: "i don't exactly feel threatened by you"

so, as you can see in the above illustration, everyone who isn't me is automatically gay and/or queer. or a fag.