Monday, January 19, 2004


i went snowboarding saturday for the first time ever, and all i can say is... OW. okay, maybe i can say a couple more words than that. basically, i am hurting. and next saturday, i'll be hurting after snowboarding down a mountain instead of a hill! joy!

i have somewhat begun the move to my new apartment. unke let me borrow a king-sized air mattress, which should be rather nice. i have decided to color-coordinate my bathroom using a lot of dark greens. my shower curtain is dark green, i'll get dark green towels and washcloths from jc penneys with a gift certificate i got for christmas, get some toilet covers, floor mat, maybe a potted plant or two... i want that place to look like a jungle. a menacing jungle... a MAN-EATING jungle, which will be frightening enough to keep the likes of jarrod from trying to "go logging" and stink my whole apartment complex up with his second-hand-ass.

spending must cease. i have spent so much more money than i have made in the last week. snow gear (new coat, smartwool socks, burton mittens, wicking undergarments, lift pass, snowboard rental, etc), apartment stuff, car repair, taxes... i need to make a lot of phat cash this week, or i'm screwed!

i got a data cable for my cell phone, but the computer crashes every time i try to use the application to interface with it. it's ticking me off. oh well, data cable + car charger for $8 is a sweet deal, so i don't care. it's a tough cable, so if it just won't work with the computer i can just use it to strangle someone.

there is a celldweller concert in waterloo, iowa on february 14th. just thought i'd toss that one out there.

bass lessons with gary are going smooth, for the most part. he's a fast learner, so it seems. today i showed him a minor scale and reviewed a couple things regarding counting time and understanding time signatures. yeah, coming along smooth.

just realized i smell like cigarette smoke, and it's horrible. night.


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