Thursday, January 08, 2004

signed a lease today, i should be moved in within the week. i don't know how long it will be until i feel at home, though. i need to go buy a bed of some kind... and it has to be a queen or california queen to fit my maximum tallness. spendy.

i'm thinking i'll get beanbag chairs, as well. yeah, beanbag chairs.

josh said i should get a futon, but the cost of a queen-sized futon is the same as the cost of a queen-sized mattress, so i just don't know... if i had a futon sitting around, what would i do with it once i build my mega-awesome loft? you heard me right, mega-awesome.

i finished up the dts address list and e-mailed everyone to ask for corrections. yesterday i got nine responses, fixed up quite a bit. that's still less than 1/4 of my dts, so i'm expecting more. they'd best respond, or else! or else i'll do something, probably!

i brought my car in for an oil change and such today, they told me one of my torsion bars is broken. i have no clue what that means. i think i should get violently upset when people say things i don't understand:

them: "you're rear torsion bar is broken"
them: "i don't exactly feel threatened by you"

so, as you can see in the above illustration, everyone who isn't me is automatically gay and/or queer. or a fag.


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