Sunday, February 01, 2004


snowboarding last weekend (jan 23-26) in montana went super-smooth. what a RAD MEGA-BLAST! it's so much fun, everyone and their mother's pet dog should be required to try it at least once.

left friday morning at about 1:30am, drove through a hellacious snow storm, and survived. attended the friday night meeting/service at the ywam base and i think it spooked dusty and jarrod a little bit. "charismatic" definitely doesn't fit in their definition of "christian", which is rather hilarious. what'd they think? all christians are boring catholics? bahahaha! but i jest. dusty was on edge because lisa "did that thing with her hands", by which he meant "lifted her hands up in the air while she was singing." big whoop, i wonder if he even realizes that the word most commonly translated as "glorify" has a meaning somewhat akin to spinning/dancing around like an idiot. "a peculiar people" not "a boring religion", guys!

blacktail mountain received 8 inches of fresh snow the night before we hit the slopes, which made the day even better. jarrod would just bomb down the hill and fall down the entire day, it was rather... frightening. i was too afraid that guy would kill himself and i'd be left to explain it to his mother. ANYHOW, turns out he had as much of a blast as i did, even though he spent most of his time sitting in the snow.

by the end of the day, i was able to do full rotations without coming to a complete stop, which looks pretty cool (well, i at least hope that's what girls think). this, of course, involved learning how to stop on my toe edge -- that is, facing uphill. for me, it was largely a psychological issue, as i had watched josh fall backwards downhill twice the previous week, smacking his head against the ground in a rather non-enjoyable fashion. i got over it. i can turn both ways now, it's not an issue. i'm not blazing fast, but i'm a heck of a lot better than i was the previous week.

josh fell over backwards again doing a toe stop/turn. he hurt his wrist, but didn't need medical attention. one of the guys who was with us saw it happen and said it was pretty hurtful looking. poor josh. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! speaking of hurt wrists, i wasn't falling on my wrists when i fell, so i had close to zero pain at the end of the day. all in all, i think i fared much better than everyone else.

it was nice to see a large portion of my dts crew... russ, ryan, de wet, rochelle, trish, lisa, micah, micky, leah, libby, marilyn, erin, jeff... quite a few of them. jeff and kristy were forced to cancel their open house (just finished building a new house right next to the ywam base) after kristy discovered that her "sunday plane tickets" were actually "saturday plane tickets." of course, this meant that i didn't get to see kristy. oh well, next time!

art collins is either there or on his way every single time i'm at the base. it's twilight zone spooky.

we watched finding nemo saturday night. first time i'd ever seen it. my eyes kept scanning the room for micky, but she was nowhere to be found. i didn't see her until sunday night, and we only briefly spoke. as always, the school of dance folk were busy 25/8 (as opposed to 24/7, i'm so clever). comes as no shock, i remember chatting with the SoD people while i was in dts, they were always tired or on their way to becoming tired.

micky mentioned that she'll be at the university of minnesota (presumably the st. paul campus) in february for an audition for admissions into their dance program. i hope she can land admission at a good university here in the states. u of m would be cool, because she'd be closer... but, i don't think she feels that is necessary. i asked her to let me know when she'll be around, i'd gladly make the trip to visit (and treat her to eat at the india palace!)

it is time to move closer to where the superbowl party is happening. i'm no football fan, but there's going to be so many people there (and snacks, beer, video games...), how can i turn it down?! i think there might even be some of the lady types.

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