Monday, February 09, 2004

i was driving home (to grand forks) the other night, and as i was passing a farm i thought to myself, "self, why is the side of the road moving around like that?" and then i could see why: rabbits. gajillions of them. i'm not exaggerating. first it seemed like just a small group, then several small groups, and then it dawned on me that i must've just stumbled upon some kind of rabbit convention being held in northwest minnesota.

i don't get it, all the rabbits and such.

meine Träume stören mich. i had a rather long one last night, filled with dialog, that has left me in a slightly bummed state of mind. now, i don't put a lot of stock in dreams these days (there is a time for that, but that time isn't now), but my bummed-ness can be compared to... the feeling you get after watching a really sad movie. about you. having bad things happen to you. and nobody cares. bummer.

i need to get about $170 in money orders sent out tomorrow.

it will be nice when i have internet access set up at my new place, right now i have to go visit my parents to get online. or go to lance's, and since i work there all day i don't feel a strong desire to hang out there in my free time.

i did a little bit of computer work for someone at my church, and they gave me $100 cash money (bling), and i'm not even joking. that was pretty rad.

planning on going to a celldweller show in iowa this weekend. i wouldn't call it a "break" from my normal life, but it will be fun to roadtrip.

the possibility of going back to india to make music with some of my indian friends has been on my mind. i need to pray about it, see what's up. two things i love wed to be one, how amazing would that be?

right now i can't connect to msn messenger, so i can't talk to anyone, so i just may go back to grand forks and find something else to do.

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