Tuesday, May 11, 2004

just read over Jesus' temptation in the desert (matthew 4:1-11, mark 1:12-13, luke 4:1-13) and this is what i get from it:

1) we can't rely on ourselves

satan tells Jesus to turn the stone into bread, which jesus is fully capable of doing. Jesus declines, since bread isn't what he really needs. he could very easily feed himself, he could very easily depend on his abilities, but that's not what he needs...

2) dependence upon God doesn't remove responsibility

satan tells Jesus to throw himself from the top of the temple since God will save him. *eeeerr* wrong. God doesn't desire for us to be reckless with our lives with this "God will protect me, i'll do whatever i want" attitude. it's just not true. there is a difference between God leading us through danger and us placing ourselves in danger... a big difference.

3) we can't depend on other people

satan tells Jesus to bow down and worship him in exchange for the kingdoms of the world and all their authority and splendor. Jesus' response is a really blunt "i don't need you or your filthy kingdoms complete with authority and splendor." we worship God only, not the buck, the president, the UN, etc... because the only one we can rely on is God.

so, to sum up... depend only on God, just don't be stupid. God gave you a brain to make non-stupid choices.

this reminds me of a quote, "wisdom is the quality that keeps you out of situations where you need it."


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