Friday, May 28, 2004

the value of my loss

for too short a time i am a child
the things i desire come and go
the desires themselves an ebb and flow
some things cannot be maintained
this i learned in my childhood
the same sky that gives me rain
sends the sun to wash away the mud

for too long a time i was a child
the things i desired came and went
it is best to desire constants
for only things that can be kept
only here and now contained
is worthy of time, deserving heed

...and now, gone...

the value of my loss
oh, if adding one to one to find the sum
were to be quite well enough the solution
time and affection, however
they are of a different currency
the total of the sums is to be unknown
the value of my loss, a clouded cost


what my hand may find to cling
has no desire to cling to me
what my eye may find to watch
has no eyes to return my gaze
the value of my loss, it is so evident
when everything is lost
its value is so clear

my childhood missed me more
and what makes my loss valuable
is my coming to know this

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