Friday, July 30, 2004

okay, catching up on everything in one fell swoop:

linnea got back from china on the 28th, we left for cornerstone on the 29th. well, first we went to her mom's house in iowa, then to cornerstone. linnea's mom is ultra-cool, and that's no joke. her little sister is something else, i tell you!

so, cornerstone. basically, everything was rad. i need time to comb through everything up at, i was blown away by what he had to speak about at the seminar i was able to attend. the bands were great, as always: unwed sailor (the highlight!), cool hand luke, haste the day, madison greene, spoken, david crowder band (ohhh, crazy things happen, they do!)... but the most amazing experiences were the prayer and worship at the beach. YWHW, this interesting God we serve... it's baffling that He wants to be with us so much. we don't add anything to Him, we don't take anything away. we're just kind of 'here', and He chooses to be here with us. mind-blowing.

mid-cornerstone we ran to iowa for a family reunion. post-cornerstone we ran to iowa again for several days. linnea keeps telling me her mom really likes me. she offered us her engagement ring.

laurel and i picked berries one afternoon. linnea and i rode horseback one evening. i helped mab (linnea's mom) with some computer stuff another evening... there was a loooot of talking, and i'd just like to note for the record that i looooooove getting to know linnea. i mean really getting to know her. really. there is so much to look forward to in this lifetime.

the trip home was most excellent, more talking and more getting to know linnea. did i mention she's the coolest girl to ever exist? ever, of all time? oh yeah, and she's my girlfriend. give me a couple of minutes to wrap my mind around that.

on the way home, we stopped in minneapolis and had supper with nick and jaime at the india palace. the food was excellent, as always (chicken tikka and chicken tikka masala!), and the company made it more enjoyable. nick and i split the bill, $30 each. crap. oh well, it was exquisite!

i've been getting up earlier every morning. it's been good. and difficult. right now, i'm usually up between 8 and 9, compared to my usual habit of sleeping in until past noon, sometimes even until around 2. it has been very pleasant, as i have more time to read, "lift weights", type e-mail, eat, etc. i feel healthier.

we'll be playing two really rad shows in august. opening for spoken and stavesacre on august 26th, and playing at barnfest 2004 on august 30th. socks will be rocked. our drummer quit (we knew it was coming, and we're all still great friends), but we've got a temp lined up.

elections are coming. God told me to vote for the man who's trustworthy.

alright, it's late. i'll play more catch-up later, but for the time being i really need to sleep.