Thursday, May 18, 2006

why do we fight?

sensing tension in a relationship is one matter - and one which most people are capable of, but laying that tension to rest is an entirely separate issue. let me propose that the reason this friction builds is due to both parties initial responses. one party takes issue and the other party, sensing tension but lacking an understanding of it, goes on the defensive - possibly even the offensive - without missing a beat.

perhaps it is a matter of looking out for number one, some in-built pride taking control and saying, "look, if i don't understand this tension, it is unjustified. if it is unjustified, then it is not my problem. if it is not my problem, then it is your problem. if it is your problem, then be tense at yourself, not me."

and so i snapped.

perhaps the reaction is an attempt to say, "if you are going to act this way, i'll give you a good reason to!" perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

we dreamt together, you and i, of times - or at least a time - or at least the time - when all was bright - or maybe just most - or possibly just something. and where has it gone, that all or most or not? do you still remember the fruit in our hands, the prayers in our mouths, the tears in our eyes? the cry came - the name of a nation - and words stole forth to batter the flux. and the flocks? oh the flocks! they grew and grew, did they not? but that dream is now a page that one or none of us is upon - a page no longer read, for it was only a dream.