Saturday, July 22, 2006

i was digging through some old files looking for some specific things, and i seem to have found them. without further ado, here they are. enjoy.

what is the process for removal, the process for amputation, for something carried so long that it has become part of you? how long is the procedure, or is there one at all? disposal was so easy before awareness came to life: reduce, reuse, recycle; litter kills the earth; save the rain forest. reduce the difficulty or complexity of life, just carry an addiction so the withdrawl pangs leave you be. for some this may make sense, but for others it's a simple cop-out. run far, run fast and avoid the issue: avoid the luggage at all cost, you won't need it where you're going.


rally rally
this radicalism
this idealism
the war's been fought before
but something makes it new now?
the argument has been heard
the sides have been presented
but still the sides remain, like the sides of a pail
cilindrical logic
keep your mind off what matters
keep your mind in the bucket
with its empty contents


all i know is i was waiting to die
and all i could hear were muffled tears
watered eyes were trying to mask fears
and you arrived along with a calm
and dieing didn't seem too bad
because calmness lasts much longer
than any fate
for fate is fate which is not an eternity
but the depth of a calm is immeasurable
as is the measure of death
but calmness in the face of death
travels beyond immeasurable
approaching incomprehensible...
no better fitting mood for a martyr

i honestly wouldn't be able to tell you how long ago i wrote these things. i do know that they were written during a post-2000 summer. that's about it.


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