Monday, February 26, 2007

i win.

it's been a tough night of avoiding studying for my classes, but i have officially won.

it turns out that there is a bug in the module hostap_cs.ko that is presently shipping with feisty fawn. it is supposed to be looking for the D-Link DWL-650 Rev P1 PCMCIA card with a manufacturers ID of 000B and a card ID of 7110, but the card ID was 7100 instead. i didn't have what i needed to recompile the modules, so i just used a hex editor and massaged them to my liking. that is, i first searched for the (text) string "m000Bc7100" and changed it to "m000Bc7110", then searched for the hex string "0B000071" and changed it to "0B001071". after modprobing hostap and hostap_cs, lspcmcia -vvv now shows that hostap_cs is being used for my DWL-650 Rev P1.

there is still one hurdle, and that is loading the firmware via prism2_srev. the utility dies with this error:
Downloading to volatile memory (RAM).
ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_DOWNLOAD]: Input/output error
i'm sure i'll be able to figure it out. one step at a time.

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