Saturday, July 21, 2007

just answer the question.

and stop stomping around and slamming doors.

i don't care if you're on the rag, you're an adult.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I hadn't even noticed that I was staring while she took our order.

"I remember someone who smiled like that," I thought to myself, "she's not smiling for tips, but because she really is cheerful. Shana?"

Shana Jensen was one of the few people from high school years that I could never forget, and not due to having had a hormone-induced interest in her. She really was nice, in the largest sense of the word. I imagined her strolling through the forest singing to the birds landing on her fingers and arms, with every wild creature gathering around her in eager anticipation for what she would do or say next. I had convinced myself that, had she stopped smiling, the earth itself would not be able to avoid feeling what sadness she must be feeling. She had no enemies, and I couldn't fathom anyone disliking her. She was graceful. She was amazing. I was convinced that it was all because of her smile.

She left the table.

I noted to Dan that our waitress looked very much like she could very well be related to the Jensens in Crookston, to which he agreed. Jarrod and Nick confessed that they had not even looked at her while she took our order. I began to speculate that perhaps she was a younger sister or cousin to Shana.

"Well, I think I will just ask her if she is related and that will be that. She just looks too much like a Jensen," I stated.

She returned to the table with our drinks and that same pleasant smile.

"Excuse me," I blurted, "but are you by any chance related to the Jensens from Crookston?"

In a way most indescribable, her wide and sincere smile became even wider and more sincere.

"I am Shana Jensen!" she laughed. "I didn't know whether or not you had recognized me!"

Unbelievable. It really is possible to have an unforgettable smile.