Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stephanie Peterson.

In my dreams, location plays a prominent role. Architecture is significant, the lay of the land sticks out in my mind. On occasion, though, the place neither matters nor sticks out in my memory. It is in these dreams that feelings tend to play a more crucial role. Last night I had one of these few-and-far-between dreams.

REALITY: In 7th grade (or grade 7, if you're from up north) I sat next to Stephanie Peterson in Algebra I. This was the 'advanced placement' class for those of us that didn't suck at math. Neither Stephanie nor I really had any friends in the class with us, so when students paired up for checking work or collectively solving problems we tended to end up together. She was quiet and very reserved - I could never really tell what she thought of me. But I liked her. Not romantically, though - I liked who she was. We were never really 'friends', not even 'acquaintances' by any stretch of the imagination. I don't believe I have ever had a real conversation with her, mainly because there was nothing to talk about and she wasn't one for small talk. A year or two after high school was the last time I saw her. I have heard since then she's living communally, growing organic foods and such. I really have no idea whether that is true.

DREAM: I won't dwell on details, but the gist is that Stephanie Peterson was the primary person I was interacting with. We had a real conversation, closed with an embrace. When I woke up, I had the sense that I just had a very important conversation with a long-lost friend. The embrace left me with a strong sense of closure and in a very comforted state of mind.

Stephanie Peterson is not a name that crosses my mind very often, so now I am curious as to whether there is a reason for her showing up in a dream.

Presently on my mind: math, chess, purchasing books for school.

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