Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This post will likely bore you to death, so unless that's the kind of thing you are into you might want to skip it.

Personal reinstall procedure:
1. Install firmware and hostap-utils for wireless adapter and configure for use with AP
2. Install midisport firmware package (automatically installs fxload)
3. Install Rosegarden (import studio configuration), VLC, DeVeDe, Audacity, and 'Restricted Extras'
4. Install BitPim, Wine, ntfs-3g and ntfs-utils
5. Enable System Monitor applet
6. Install BRWC200
7. Setup printer
8. Test instruction set for enabling DRI for Mach64
9. Set home pages in Firefox: |
10. Import Pidgin settings OR regroup contacts
11. Enable additional repositories (Google's Linux repo, mainly)
12. Install atitvout package & test
13. ?

TODO from prior backup:
1. Import bookmarks
2. Restructure home folder
3. ?

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Philip said...

Forget Vaio-specific notes:

1. Ad-Block Plus
2. Google Gears

1. Wolfenstein (sorry, I can't help myself)
2. Cheese Webcam Booth
3. Google Earth
4. Skype
5. Wireshark (mayhaps) & aircrack-ng
6. Compiz Settings Manager

Setup default studio in Rosegarden.