Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've begun a new experiment at http://cardumb.blogspot.com.

The idea is this: I'm basically stupid when it comes to cars. I've never changed my own oil, and the most significant thing I've ever done is to swap a blown tire for a spare.

All of that is changing. The rules go like this: I have to fix the problem so long as the tools cost less than the labor to have someone else do it, factoring in my ability to locate replacement parts for lesser cost than the shop charges.

The goal is simple. I intend to learn more about the function of an engine, and the systems which keep a car running smoothly. I also intend to save a metric ton of money on the cost of repairs with the trade-off being my time. Since the knowledge I gain will be of use in the future, the time spent now is well worth it in the long run.

I doubt the blog will ever be popular, but this is not the intent. That would be to document the learning process; to show how simple or difficult it is for a car dunce like myself to become an adequate mechanic, and to determine what resources are helpful as part of that process.

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