Saturday, February 23, 2008

It is hard to believe I have been on Blogger since November 2001. Just over six years. Two ninths of my life. What a nerd I am.

Top 10 things I will likely never tell you in person:
  1. At the end of January in 2003, I cried almost the entire drive home from Lakeside, Montana. That was nearly a 17 hour drive.
  2. I went back out to visit that November, and cried almost all the way there. The return trip was more of the same.
  3. I peed my pants during a class party in 3rd grade. My teacher realized what had happened and told the other students I had spilled my pop.
  4. I peed my pants after a Sevendust concert in Duluth when I was 19. I had been drinking huge glasses of water the entire show to stay hydrated, and neglected to take this into account when I stepped outside into freezing cold weather wearing shants and a hoodie.
  5. I have only been in one fistfight - in 4th grade, and I still am unclear as to who won. A person I had thought was my friend punched me repeatedly in the gut until I punched him twice in the face. I was never angry at him for punching me, but to this day I feel bad for punching him.
  6. In 2nd grade we were placed into reading groups based upon a reading comprehension test. When I was placed in the smallest group, I thought I and the others must be dumb. When I found out we were the five smartest kids in our grade, I felt worse.
  7. I often cried myself to sleep during high school because of how a handful of students treated me for having a terrible overbite. It was the most drastic overbite my orthodontist had ever seen. I am having the final remnants of my orthodontic work removed in the coming weeks.
  8. I used to invite friends to church, but stopped after my pastor gave a sermon titled "I want to be like Phil." I have never been good at accepting complements or commendation.
  9. When I got my first piercing, it was for a specific reason. My next two were for fun. Their removal was intentional, not consequential, but I miss them to this very day. I would have at least one more if I had not married.
  10. I "lettered" in Speech five times. I had the jacket, but felt too self-conscious to wear it. I know I am a good public speaker, but I have never felt like I have something worth saying.
Thus ends my self-disclosure. Realize that you have just combed through details which some of my closest friends do not even know.

So are they secrets? Possibly. Perhaps at some unconscious level I have desired to keep them secret, but at a conscious level it does not bother me to list them for anyone to read. Maybe there is something to the allure of anonymity the Internet provides, but let us be honest: I know at least a handful of people who read this. I am not just dumping water into the sea.

I vaguely remember a quote about how when others know us, we know ourselves better. To some degree I concur.

As for intentional secrets, I do keep a few. Not for much longer, though.

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