Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'd like to call this post "How 1and1 Shot From the Top of My List to the Bottom", but I think I'll stick with a simpler, more raw "Why 1and1 Sucks."

I have an account with the hosting provider 1and1 communications. That account contains two packages. Both packages are billed using the same credit card information.

Some time in December of 2007, my credit card was no longer able to physically scan through machines. I stopped by the bank and requested a new one. The old one was immediately canceled. When the new one arrived in the mail several days later, I scrambled to update accounts online which depended upon it.

I missed one account: 1and1. My credit card was declined that billing cycle, and I received an e-mail notice about it. I immediately logged into my 1and1 account and updated my credit card information, assuring myself that every website doing business online has a system in place to retry credit card information.

Not the case with 1and1. After several months of only one of my packages working properly and the other registering as "locked", I finally gave 1and1 a call.

My account had been sent to collections. In December. They assured me it wasn't a limitation of their system, but rather that I must not have been able to foot the bill. I pointed out that my other package worked just dandy, so they were very much mistaken.

1and1 customer service is an oxymoron. There simply is no such thing. Don't bother with 1and1, get your hosting elsewhere. Heck, even people in India are considerate, and probably less likely to send an account to collections just because a credit card failed to process on one single attempt.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Those whom have known me long are well aware of my distaste for Apple's branding efforts. One of their successes over the years has been creating an artificial rift between "Macs" and "PCs".

Now, if there are only two options and a "personal computer" is one of them, what is the alternative?

That would be either an "impersonal computer" or perhaps a "community computer", but somehow Apple has succeeded in convincing many throughout the world to respond with, "Well, duh, it's a MAC!"

Every single time I hear someone draw a distinction between the two - especially someone from the technologically elite - I want to murder innocent children. More specifically, I want to murder their innocent children, so as to prevent a legacy of idiocy from taking root.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When you get right down to it, telling someone to "stop talking" is just another way of saying "shut up."

In the mind of the one speaking those words they evidently don't mean the same thing. "Shut up" is one of those phrases which is never to be uttered. It's like the hypocrites who denounce "swearing" yet still "shoot-cuss."

Crap, darn, shoot, dag-nabbit... Stop talking, you son of a gun!

Monday, April 07, 2008

I have been inspired lately to record what I can with the few resources I have and to not worry about the quality of the final product. What I'm coming to realize is that it is entirely possible to make great recordings with my low-budget resources so long as I thoroughly understand and can apply the fundamental ideas.

This video is another example that further supports this notion. While it is so much simpler to have nice gear, most of the time it doesn't make much of a difference.