Monday, April 21, 2008

Those whom have known me long are well aware of my distaste for Apple's branding efforts. One of their successes over the years has been creating an artificial rift between "Macs" and "PCs".

Now, if there are only two options and a "personal computer" is one of them, what is the alternative?

That would be either an "impersonal computer" or perhaps a "community computer", but somehow Apple has succeeded in convincing many throughout the world to respond with, "Well, duh, it's a MAC!"

Every single time I hear someone draw a distinction between the two - especially someone from the technologically elite - I want to murder innocent children. More specifically, I want to murder their innocent children, so as to prevent a legacy of idiocy from taking root.

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Lance said...

Obviously what differentiates them is a "PC" generally has an Intel CPU and a "MAC" generally has an Intel CPU. Can't you see the difference????1111???!!!1111