Saturday, April 12, 2008

When you get right down to it, telling someone to "stop talking" is just another way of saying "shut up."

In the mind of the one speaking those words they evidently don't mean the same thing. "Shut up" is one of those phrases which is never to be uttered. It's like the hypocrites who denounce "swearing" yet still "shoot-cuss."

Crap, darn, shoot, dag-nabbit... Stop talking, you son of a gun!


Your Hunger Defines You said...

Generally when someone asks a question it's because they want it answered and it's considered polite to wait for an answer rather than continue to talk while the person comes up with an answer further complicating situation for the person trying to give an answer who now must continually revise the answer in accordance with the newly submitted information. To prevent further complication the most polite utterance would probably be something along the lines of, "please be quiet for a moment while I think about your question." Whereas if the respondent feels taken aback by the chattering of the questioner they might say something a little bit more forward such as, "stop talking".

Lance said...

When the voices inside my head start yelling at me to do something bad I tell them to stop talking since they'd get offended if I tell the voices to "shut up". If I offend my voices too much then they'll go away and I'll feel real lonely. Gotta go, have to have a talk with myself.