Friday, May 16, 2008

I've added a small (and inexpensive) project to my list: restoring a small 70s guitar amplifier. The amp in question is a Marlboro Sound Works GA2.

I've gone over all the electronics and it looks like I may need to replace a few components, but nothing major. The total cost for replacement components should be no more than $10.

The short list of things to be done:
  1. replace fuse: 120/250VAC @ >~77mA & holder (?)
  2. clean potentiometers
  3. new power cable, grounded this time
  4. transistors are suspect. maybe replace?
  5. capacitance test, replace leaky capacitors
  6. replace bad resistors
  7. replace power toggle
The whole operation should go fairly quick. I'll keep you posted.

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